About Maike

I am a physical oceanographer, interested in how we bring theoretical constructs and inferences together with observations to meet the needs of modern society. Combining domain knowledge with advanced techniques from data science, I aim to create new insight and accelerate exploration. I primarily see myself as a physical oceanographer, but have a formal backgroung in computer science/data science as my thesis sponsored by the EPSRC was joint between the very diverse National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, and the excellent Institute for Complex Systems Simulation. I joined MIT as a Postdoctoral Associate working with Carl Wunsch, Patrick Heimbach and Steph Dutkiewitz, before going to Princeton University as an Associate Research Scholar. I have held visiting positions at Harvard University, and the University of Texas (UT) at Austin and I am currently a visiting scientist at the University of Washington.

I have been asked to serve as a reviewer on a NASA panel, the for the journal Nature Communications, Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, Geophysical Research Let-ters, Ocean Modelling, Journal of Geophysical Research, Journal of Physical Oceanog-raphy, Data Science. I have also organized numerous sessions at AGU and EGU.


  • Redouane Lguensat
  • V. Balaji
  • Alistair Adcroft
  • John Krasting
  • Stephanie Dutkiewicz
  • Chris Hill
  • Carl Wunsch
  • Patrick Heimbach
  • Isabela Le Bras
  • Joel J.-M. Hirschi
  • George Nurser
  • Pat Hyder
  • Thierry Penduff
  • Nicolas Le Bihan
  • Rory Bingham


Teaching is highly rewarding, and I recieved the Kaufman Teaching Certificate from MIT in 2017.

Full workshops where I developed material and taught were at graduate level include:

  • Princeton workshop "Machine learning for climate modeling"
  • ICSS conference:"The importance of model validation". Material available here
  • ICSS conference: "Finite differences methods". Material available here

Lectures I have given were at graduate level and include:

  • Harvard University guest lecturers for Brad Lipovsky and Marine Denolle: "Machine Learning in Geoscience".
  • Harvard University Data Science Club lecture: "The good, the bad and the ugly of applied unsupervised learning".
  • University of Texas at Austin (ICES) Graduate Course guest lecturer for Patrick Heimbach: ``Vertical Mixing Schemes: Why we need them & what they do''

As a teaching assistant the courses I enjoyed teaching were at undergraduate level and included boatwork:

  • NOCS Field work Boat Week
  • Physical Oceanography II
  • Physical Oceanography I

Commitment to diversity

I believe that diversity is an asset, and that talent should be recognized regardless of race, size, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender-identity or sexual orientation. At Princeton, I am engaged in outreach to underserved communities, such as the Bronx Community College, and hosting interns from traditionally underserved communities. Mentorship has played an important role for me, and I am formally and informally mentoring graduate students. At MIT I worked to lower the financial barriers to the outdoors as a guide, bringing together diverse individuals in a setting otherwise inaccessible. As a teacher, I try to emphasize existing diversity through highlighting the diverse individuals that made the discoveries.


I enjoy engaging with the wider comunity. A recent highlight that is hard to top is being a member of the COPEZILLA project EAPS team for the Red Bull Flugtag. Kelsey Tsipis for EAPS News snapped a great photo of me at the "Nautical dat at the MIT Museum". Previously, my engagement found me helping an NGO at COP15 comunicating climate change, or being asked to present for the International and Industrial Advisory board of the ICSS.


Born in Copenhagen but raised in Norway, some of my favourite pastimes are found in the mountains or on a cliff, wearing trainers, climbing shoes, skiis, crampons or some combination. If ropes are involved then that is a bonus.

My main sport is distance running. In June 2018, I partnered with Katherine Rosenfeld to set a first and fastest known time (FKT) for running the 70+mile High Sierra Trail in one push. I am dedicated to increasing female participation in outdoor sports such as FKTs, by increasing underreported participation. I'm currently based in Princeton and Seattle, but my other favourite areas include the Isle of Wight, the Exmoor coast, and the Lake District in the UK, as well as the White Mountains in New Hampshire. I mainly run to explore the natural areas around me. The Vermont 50 mile trail race is the only race I've run where I placed 8th in my division.

I am classically trained as a flutist and contemporary/classical ballet dancer. A series of injuries and life decisions set a stop to this, but I had the pleasure of performing at the Odd Fellows Palace (DK), Olavshallen (NO) or Turner Sims (UK). I was part of Step By Step, but joined just before they opened the World Championships.