About Maike

I am a physical oceanographer, interested in how we bring theoretical constructs and inferences together with observations to meet the needs of modern society. I primarily see myself as part of the ECCO consortium, but spent many years at the very diverse National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, and the Institute for Complex Systems Simulation.

I have two offices, one at MIT, and one at Harvard, but I am affiliated with the University of Texas at Austin.

I'm honoured to have served the oceanographic comunity as a reviewer on the NASA Physical Oceanography proposal panel, and the journals Ocean Modeling and the Journal of Geophysical Research.


  • Carl Wunsch
  • Patrick Heimbach
  • Isabela Le Bras
  • Edward Doddridge
  • Joel J.-M. Hirschi
  • George Nurser
  • Andrew Coward
  • Thierry Penduff
  • Rory Bingham


Teaching is highly rewarding, and I recieved the Kaufman Teaching Certificate from MIT in 2017.

Full workshops where I developed material and taught were at graduate level: "Finite differences methods" and "The importance of model validation". Material available here.

As a teaching assistant courses I loved teaching often included boatwork:

  • NOCS Field work Boat Week
  • Physical Oceanography II
  • Physical Oceanography I

I have given guest lectures at graduate level including "Vertical Mixing Schemes: Why we need them"


I enjoy engaging with the wider comunity. A recent highlight that is hard to top is being a member of the COPEZILLA project EAPS team for the Red Bull Flugtag. Previously, my engagement found me helping an NGO at COP15 comunicating climate change, or being asked to present for the International and Industrial Advisory board of the ICSS.