Sonnewald Publications

Sonnewald, M., Wunsch, C. and Heimbach, P., 2018. Linear predictability: A sea surface height case study. J. Clim., 2018. Available: \url{}

The ECCO Consortium: A Twenty-Year Dynamical Oceanic Climatology: 1994-2013. Part 1: Active Scalar Fields: Temperature, Salinity, Dynamic Topography, Mixed-Layer Depth, Bottom Pressure.} MIT DSpace: \url{}.

The ECCO Consortium: A Twenty-Year Dynamical Oceanic Climatology: 1994-2013. Part 2: Velocities and Property Transports}. MIT DSpace: \url{}.

Sonnewald, M., Wunsch, C., Heimbach, P.: Unsupervised learning classifies global ocean dynamical regions}. In review Nature Communications. Available: \url{}

Sarah Gille, Ryan Abernathey, Teresa Chereskin, Bruce Cornuelle, Patrick Heimbach, Matthew Mazloff, Dimitris Menemenlis, Cesar Rocha, Saulo Soares, Maike Sonnewald, Bia Villas Boas, Jinbo Wang. Open Code Policy for NASA Space Science: A perspective from NASA-supported ocean modeling and ocean data analysis. NASA White Paper, 2018. Available: \url{}

Le Bras, I., Toole, J.M., Sonnewald, M.: A bulk Potential Vorticity budget for the western North Atlantic based on observations. In review.

Bingham, R. and Sonnewald, M.: Meridional coherence of the Atlantic Overturning Circulation: Sensitivity to horizontal resolution. In preparation.

PhD papers

Bulczak, A.I., Bacon, S., Naveira Garabato, A.C., Ridout, A., Sonnewald, M., and Laxon, S.W. Seasonal Variability of Sea Surface Height in the Coastal Waters and Deep Basins of the Nordic Seas. Geophysical Research Letters (42) (\url{doi:10.1002/2014GL061796}).

Sonnewald, M., Hirschi, J.J.-M. and Nurser, A.G. Topography and the global overturning: The changing impact of small scale effects with resolution. JPO, in review.

Sonnewald, M., Hirschi, J.J.-M., Nurser, A.G. and Dyke, J. Insights from studying model divergence with resolution in NEMO. In preparation.

Sonnewald, M., Hirschi, J.J.-M. and Nurser, A.G. The impact of ocean model resolution on conformity to Sverdrup balance. In preperation B.

Sonnewald, M., Ferrari, R. and Nurser, A.G. Advective controls on mixed layer dynamics in NEMO. In preparation.

First MSci. thesis

Sonnewald, M., Hirschi, J.J.-M., Marsh, R., McDonagh, E.L. and King, B.A. Atlantic meridional ocean heat transport at 26N: impact on subtropical ocean heat content variability. Ocean Science, 9, (6), 1057-1069. (\url{doi:10.5194/os-9-1057-2013}).

Active collaborators

  • Carl Wunsch
  • Patrick Heimbach
  • Isabela Le Bras
  • Edward Doddridge
  • Joel J.-M. Hirschi
  • George Nurser
  • Andrew Coward
  • Thierry Penduff
  • Rory Bingham