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  • Sonnewald, M., Lguensat, R., A. Adcroft, V. Balaji and A. Radhakrishna Southern Ocean wind gyres buffer and redistribute global heating in climate models. In preparation.
  • Bingham, R. and Sonnewald, M. Stable Atlantic overturning circulation revealed by a dynamically-proximate reconstruction. In revision, Geophysical Research Letters.
  • Kaiser, B., Saenz, J.A., Sonnewad, M. and Livescu, D., Objective discovery of dominant dynamical processes with machine learning. In review Nature.
  • J. Krasting, M. De Palma, J. Dunne, J. John, and Sonnewald, M. Regional Sensitivity Patterns of Arctic Ocean Acidification Revealed With Machine Learning. Major revisions, Nature Communications Earth & Environment.

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